Sunday, August 9, 2009

Busy Weekend!

It's been a really busy weekend at my house. And really it got busy starting Thursday. My original idea was to have a different magickal focus each week. Now that I have one week under my belt I have realized that it's just not enough time! First off being the kind of mother that has kids in some very time consuming activities, I just can't get into the kitchen every night. And frankly who wants to. So I'm gonna tweak that and go with moon cycles. I think this will work much better.
So back to where I was, Thursday and Friday were very busy for me. On Saturday I was able to spend some time at Mom's house and together we made Julia Child's classic French Onion Soup. I won't post the recipe because it's super easy to search out. Although onions are on my list of ingredients with weight loss energies, to be honest this meal was really more about bonding time with Mom than anything else. I really enjoyed making it, and it was super delicious.
Sunday is such a great day. This is really a chance to relax, gather my energies and do the things that I want to do. Today my plan is a kitchen blessing. It's high time that I get my kitchen at it's best for all of the magick that I do in there. I'll update before bed tonight on what kitchen blessing I came up with!

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