Monday, August 17, 2009

A lot to be grateful for

I know that I have a lot to be grateful for. I haven't updated my blog in about a week. It's been a crazy week and I have a lot to talk about. Last week after I did my kitchen blessing, I sat down on the living room couch, grabbed my laptop and blogged about it. I put my laptop on the coffee table, and went upstairs to feed my cats and get ready for bed. Just a few minutes after going upstairs I thought I heard a door open downstairs. I had just turned the TV on and there were a lot of noises going on in my bedroom. My husband was out of town for business, so I was alone with my two kids that night. I must admit I was scared. I paused the TV and listened very intently. I watched my dog to see if there was any reaction. I didn't hear anything at all. The dog never moved. I convinced myself that I had imagined what I heard and I went to sleep. The next morning the first thing that I noticed was that I couldn't find one of my cats. I wasn't alarmed yet because this particular cat does get out sometimes when we let the dog in and out. And he never stays outside long, he's an indoor cat at heart. I sat down on the couch with my coffee and reached to the table to grab my laptop.......and it wasn't there. That's when I knew that someone had been in my house. He took my laptop, my purse with all of my identification, bank cards, and check book, my daughter's book bag, and although I don't know if he actually took my cat he never did turn up.
At first all I could think was how I had just finished my kitchen blessing that had included so much protection. I have to admit my faith was shaken. I have never done a spell of any kind that didn't work. I have complete belief in my magick, just like I believe that we live on earth. There are a lot of what ifs. What if I had gone downstairs and seen the guy, would I have been hurt? Who knows what more would have happened. Maybe that's where the protection magick did its work. What is really interesting is that by Friday, the guy had been caught. A seventeen year old boy traveled from a town 45 minutes away from my own to break into my house and many others that night. From what I hear it's rare for the burglar to be caught. Maybe that's my magick doing it's thing.
It's a huge violation when someone breaks into your home. I didn't sleep for days afterwards. I am constantly checking and rechecking my locks. Every little noise makes me jump. I wonder if I am being watched. Still, everyday it gets better. Every night it's easier to sleep. So much more could have happened and that is not lost on me. I am grateful that the Lord and Lady were shining their protective light on me and my babies that night.

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