Monday, August 10, 2009

Kitchen Blessing

Things rarely happen the way we plan them, and for me last night was no exception. I tripped down the stairs and twisted my knee. That lead me to postpone my plans for a kitchen blessing. No worries though, I have recovered quickly with a day of rest and was able to do the kitchen blessing tonight.
First thing, clean the kitchen! Most importantly the floor since I had planned to sit on the floor. Once the kitchen was sparkly and ready to go I gathered everything I needed for my kitchen blessing ritual. I decided to open the oven door and use it as my altar. It worked out well for me. I opened my circle and lit two white candles. I light one for the Lord and one for the Lady. I then worked on meditation and visualization filling my body with the white light of the Lord and the Lady. I always make something in my rituals to keep around and help the magick do it's thing. Tonight I grabbed a spice jar for filling. I started with a layer of salt for its consecration properties. I added a layer of freshly cracked pepper for protection. Then I added a layer of fennel seeds for their protection energies. I added a garlic clove for protection followed by a layer of cinnamon for its love energy. I topped that off with a layer of salt. As I added each layer I visualized the magick working. I asked the Lord and Lady to protect my kitchen visualizing the white light filling my kitchen. I then asked that the energy be expanded to all corners of my property to protect my home, meditating and visualizing with each step. As always I thanked the Lord and Lady for their energies and protection. I placed the lid on my spice jar and carved a pentagram on top while I gave the final incantation of As I will it, so mote it be. At this point I placed my palms on the ground and grounded my energy. I would highly recommend always doing that to avoid eerie feelings or attracting anything looking for spare energy. I closed the circle but decided to let the candles burn until they burn out and leave the altar up until morning, to give the magick time to do its thing. The spice jar I will keep on top of the oven.
I feel good about the blessing. It really needed to be done. I think there will be more energy behind all that I do in the kitchen now.

Blessed Be!

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  1. I'm glad your knee is better! I like the sound of your kitchen blessing too. :)